Human Movement:  the mechanics of a biological systems-complex within a gravitational field.


The Philosophy...

To study human movement we need to study not only anatomy and physiology, but also systems biology, and the interactions of the body with its physical environment. We must also deeply consider that the body is part of the mind, and that the human body cannot be separated from the human being.

To understand and teach human movement, a practitioner has to move their own body, first and foremost. This is an experiential art, never just a matter of science and theory.

The Movement Philosopher is about progressive thinking and practical application within the field of human movement. It is not a prescriptive system of set techniques and dogmas, but rather the practical application of a dynamic, evolving philosophy. An exploration of human movement where it happens: at the intersection of physiology, philosophy, and physics.

Overall, the paradigm at the heart of The Movement Philosopher aims to facilitate a return to a more natural way of relating to our physicality and to our environment, and to build bridges between clinical rehabilitation and natural movement practices.

Workshops are held occasionally at various venues, and notifications for these are posted on Facebook and Instagram. Please follow if you would like to keep up to date. 


The Philosopher...

The mind behind the Movement Philosopher is Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Marcelle Malan. She maintains a private practice in Woodend, Victoria, Australia. For bookings or information about one-on-one consultations and training, please email



A few things, it seems, have always been with me: a deep love and respect for nature, an inquiring mind, irreverence towards authority, a preference for old wisdom over new technologies, a natural physicality, and a sense of humour as dry as the Sahara. These disparate tendencies all converge to shape how I approach my practice. My aim is to better understand and work with the natural processes of the body. 

"The magic is not in the medicine but in the body. What the doctor does is to stimulate Nature’s functions in the body, or to remove hindrances. In a sense, though we speak of healing a cut, every cut heals itself; no dressing will make skin grow over a cut on a corpse. That same mysterious energy which we call gravitational when it steers the planets and biochemical when it heals a body is the efficient cause of all recoveries…all who are cured are cured by the healer within." [From C.S Lewis, God in the Dock].